Saturday, March 12, 2011

Visual Blog

I've had no time to post for AGES...and there won't be any, till these two papers are done, but here are some photos of what I have been up to, for those of you who don't keep tabs on Facebook!

Getting better and better at muffins...and manuscripts... ooh, look, a watermark!

Learning to marble book covers in printing class:

Researching manuscript provenance sends me to the Gray's Inn Register from the 1600s:

Four days, four bumps = winning blades at Torpids!

More manuscript fun:

There was a concert in the Sheldonian, too (we sang the Brahms Requiem), but I haven't loaded those photos yet, so here's one from the internet!
Good times indeed, but now I have a rapidly approaching deadline and am starting to panic, so please excuse me if I offer no further details until the papers are complete.

Take care all! xxxxx

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