Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Picture is Worth...

...a lot of saved time.  Having ended 2011 without managing to bring my blog up to the present, I have decided that the most efficient way to speed things along so that I can actually write about the here and now is to post a string of photos with pithy captions that will tell you only the most superficial details of the full story.  If any of these is so very enticing to you that you just can't stand not knowing everything, leave me a comment, and I will either write a Retro-blog post for you, or email you the particulars (depending on how wild the full story is!)

Meeting Elia Salani at the Henley

Punting and pretzels...and ice cream


My first lattice pie, made with wild blackberries

My first peanut butter pie, made with AWESOME

Mary's Turkish wedding--the ladies' night

The happy couple and their accidental maid of honour

Night out in Kirklareli

Touring the Bosphorus on the Hiawatha

Lots of cooking happened in 2011

The infamous peas-and-carrots cupcakes

Popped home for a weekend to go on a hayride

And go to my 10-year high school reunion

And catch up with my amazing family

Jack is happy because it's Halloween

I made butternut squash soup!

Chalking the quad for our victory at Torpids

First visit to Cambridge, an exchange with Downing College

The door from 10 Downing Street, given to the college in the late 60s

Weekend in Florence

My first favourite student, Mary Cherubini, now about to finish college!

RBA Christmas party

Home for the holidays--and it's BAKING DAY

Christmas Eve at my house
Christmas morning...Daddy got a Macbook Pro

A rainy day at Longwood Gardens

And there you have it, folks!  August to December 2011 in a few select images.  I hope you are not too disappointed in the lack of words here, because my hope is that this will free me to write many more words in shorter, more regular posts during 2012.  I never do well with resolutions, because I have no resolve (I really wanted to write "no sticktoitiveness," but people always complain when I use multisyllabic words), and targets or goals don't work for me because my aim is terrible...but I promise to try.

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