Friday, November 19, 2010


After almost two months in Oxford I have finally managed to get a blog up and running! I have been sending intermittent emails home, but the list of recipients kept growing each week, and I finally decided it might be easier just to post here and let people read it if and when they wished.

I hope those who have received those emails will forgive me if I repost here much of the information contained in them, as I would like to keep this a complete running record of my time here (much like my MySpace blog was for the summers of '08 and '09). The title of this blog sounds more dreary than it is--though there are certainly plenty of rainy days in Oxford! I just thought that, because those glorious days when the sun shines on the Dreaming Spires are somewhat more rare, and thus tend to draw me out of doors and away from my computer, I was more likely to be writing on the rainy days. I promise there will be lots of cheery posts here to keep us all smiling, no matter what the weather holds!

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